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What You Need to Know about the GFX-350 Display

Everything You Need to Know About the Trimble Agriculture GFX-350

When you’re ready to go in the field and get work done, the last thing you want to do is spend time hassling with your equipment. There’s something to be said for just being able to plug things in and knowing that they’re going to do what they’re designed to do.

Who can use the Trimble Ag GFX-350 display?

While all of Trimble’s products are designed for ease of use in precision agriculture applications, one of the best ways to see this in action is with the GFX-350: an affordable, entry-level, Android-based display for anyone who hasn’t yet made the step up to precision agriculture for their operation. It’s also a great add-on in an operation that’s already implemented the technology without having to make a deep financial investment.

GFX-350 Display Features

This unit was designed with a reduced user interface called Simple Mode – which allows you to become familiar with some of the basic elements of precision agriculture first. Once your comfort level increases, you can add more complex tasks. This approach also accommodates multiple types of users, so if you have a worker that’s not as familiar with the technology, he can simply switch to Simple Mode for primary GFX-350 use or even manually guide the tractor using the display.

At the same time, the GFX-350 offers all the features and functionality that experienced users are accustomed to as well, so it’s great for users who want to expand how they use it, including input, section control, and even ISO-mechanical control for a variety of different implements and tools. You can also upgrade the GFX-350 by adding a receiver or a Trimble steering solution. The built-in adaptability makes this an excellent choice for really customizing how you want to integrate the GFX-350 into your existing operation.

Out of the box, you’re essentially ready to roll with fast and easy installation and hookup, as well as a quick release if you want to transfer it between cabs. The GFX-350’s display is a little smaller than the other options in the Trimble lineup, but at 17.8 cm/7 inches, its compact size doesn’t take up a lot of room in the cab, which is a nice size for getting used to a display if this is new for you. Trimble’s Precision-IQˇ platform is easy to understand and control, and if you ever decide to upgrade, it’s the same platform used on all our displays. You can input information once and use it forever with this platform.

What equipment is the GFX-350 Display compatible with?

Often, when integrating precision agriculture for the first time, farmers are concerned about how it will interact with their existing equipment. This unit has you covered on all accounts. It’s backward compatible with older Trimble solutions like EZ-Steer, which is a great entry point for anyone beginning to integrate precision agriculture for the first time. It also offers ISOBUS connectivity to various implements, from balers to spreaders and everything in between.

The GFX-350 also comes standard with Bluetooth and WIFI, so the data you use and collect over time can be shared directly with your office. If you’re still making a connectivity transition, the unit also has one USB port for transferring data. Regardless of how you collect and analyze data, it’s a critical component that gives you accurate information about how well your operation is doing. Having a system that easily collects data gives you a broad picture of how your operation has done historically and helps in planning for the future.

Take the next step

If you’re thinking about the GFX-350, it’s likely this is a first step in integrating precision ag technology into your operation, and it’s a great choice for its ease of use, simplicity, and reliability. You’ll only need a small time investment to get things rolling – and once it’s up and running and you’ve had the opportunity to see what a difference it makes, the next question is most likely a simple one: What took you so long to give precision ag a try?

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