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SymAgri Adds DICKEY-john Precision Solutions to their Portfolio

Our team at SymAgri are pleased to add DICKEY-john precision products to our portfolio.

DICKEY-john has extensive expertise in the areas of engineering and manufacturing advanced precision solutions for individual farmers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Introducing DICKEY-john Vigilense Blockage Sensor

Highly accurate in detecting partial blockages.

The Vigilense® is the blockage sensor of choice for seed and fertilizer applications regardless of material size and shape. This economical, optical sensor is available in a wide variety of options in order to provide the detection needed for your implement configuration.

While the Vigilense® is primarily a blockage sensor, it provides a better indication of seed flow levels when compared to the Recon flow sensor.

Peace of mind is a standard feature when you choose the Vigilense sensor for all your blockage needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install

  • Identification of pre-determined blockage levels

  • Available with stainless steel inserts for fertilizer use

  • Available in 25mm, 32mm, and 45mm size configurations error reduction through feedback information for open and closed valve position.

Introducing DICKEY-john Radar II and Radar lll Ground Speed Sensors

Accurate and powerful ground speed sensors.

Measuring ground speed has never been easier than with DICKEY-john high-performance ground speed sensors. Accurate speed sensing enables you to achieve top performance from your electronic monitoring and controlling products.

An incorrect speed signal can potentially provide substantial errors in speed and distance measurement, chemical and fertilizer application and yield calculations. All of that can lead to expensive mis-applications, crop damage, reduced yields.

The DICKEY-john Radar II delivers the truest velocity measurement at mounting heights over 96 inches (243.8 cm). The high-performance, top-of-the-line Radar III ground speed sensor is a streamlined, more compact version of DICKEY-john’s best-selling Radar II model. The true ground speed sensors calculate speed independently of wheel motion using a microwave (radar) signal and the principle of Doppler shift (measuring the changes in the frequency of the reflected signal). Because they don’t use the movement of a wheel or drive shaft, errors in signal due to wheel slippage or wheel distortion from varying loads and ground conditions are eliminated.

The DICKEY-john radars may also be used to improve the performance of other monitors and control systems that require a speed sensor signal.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Views ground surface for accurate ground speed detection

  • Velocity errors of less than or equal to 1% from .3 - 44 mph (.53-70.8 km/h) after field calibration

  • High-impact, chemical and weather weather-resistant housing

  • Easy to install

  • Mounts to view forward or backward from the vehicle

  • Radar II mounting heights 18 - 96 inches (45.7 - 243.8 cm)

  • Radar III mounting heights 18 - 48 inches (45.7 - 121.9 cm)

Introducing DICKEY-john Hy Rate Plus LED Seed Sensor

High counting accuracy across multiple seed types with improved performance in the presence of dust.

The Hy Rate Plus™ LED Seed Sensor is the sensor of choice for all seed types regardless of size, shape and seeding rate. From larger seeds such as corn to small seeds like canola, the Hy Rate Plus™ accurately counts seeding population during planting, providing confidence that your row units are working properly and seeds are being placed for optimum yield potential.

Eliminate Seed Sensing Dead Zones

Optical seed sensors work under the principal of photo detection. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) create a thin field of light across the interior of the seed tube. A photo detector on the opposite side of the tube continuously monitors the intensity of the light. Any seed that disrupts the sensing zone’s light source is detected by the photo detector cell and the corresponding seed pulse is communicated to the monitor. Typical seed sensors use a small number of LEDs which are spaced far apart from each other. This results in areas where the light field is weak or non-existent.

Seeds can hide in these dead zones and be falsely reported as skips. The Hy Rate Plus eliminates this by utilizing 2-3 times more LEDs than any other sensor on the market today and by spacing these LEDs close together. This creates a more uniform light field and virtually eliminates dead zones.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Accurately monitors seeding rates between 1–135 seeds/sec across multiple seed types for uncompromised accuracy

  • Ability to distinguish doubles, triples and quad seed drops to maintain accurate population count

  • Compensates for the effect of wind and dust allowing you to plant on windy days

  • Utilizes a uniform light field with virtually zero dead zones in the seed tube, eliminating false skips

  • Field programmable for software improvements and upgrades

  • Informs operator when adjustments are required to maintain optimum planter performance with per-row data (% Singulation, % Multiples, % Skips, Spacing Quality) when utilizing the IntelliAg Working Set Member 2 (WSMB2) seed singulation module

  • Uses a 3-Pin Weather Pak connector for direct connection to existing planter row harnessing

  • Compatible with existing DICKEY-john PM series planter monitors, IntelliAg® AI series controllers and the IntelliAg® MVT

  • Compatible with most OEM planter monitors in use with older DICKEY-john seed sensors

If you would like to find out more about DICKEY-john precision agriculture solutions, please contact our team at SymAgri to discuss your requirement.


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