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How to protect your GPS equipment from thieves

In recent times we have seen a dramatic increase in rural crime. This has affected many users of modern agricultural equipment. Any theft of GPS equipment has a dramatic effect on the user abilty of the machinery we use today and in many cases it will stop the ability for it to be used at all. Here at SymAgri we take this subject very seriously and here are some tips we suggest to help you protect your equipment:

  • Remove the equipment where it is possible.

  • Ensure equipment is insured when not attached to the tractor.

  • Mark the equipment with a security device.

  • Ensure your data is backed up

  • Document all your serial numbers

  • Ensure you know your unlocks

This may be extra work, but it's well worth the effort. Whilst the global supply issues continue, there will always be an incentive and demand for GPS units, so please keep in mind, as for that very same reason replacement times may be longer.

At SymAgri we have a range of security packages available bespoke to your invidual units, including DataTag and mechanical security devices contact us today to discuss your requirements.



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