Automated End-of-Row Turns a Must for Large Potato Contractor

Ben Clappison farms over 1,619 acres of potatoes on a contract basis. With the cost of planting, growing and harvesting speed potatoes averaging about £4,942/a, it is crucial for his beds to be planted as accurately as possible. If beds are too wide, he’s wasting soil and if they’re too narrow he won’t maximise his yield potential.

Achieve Precision-Level Accuracy by Upgrading an Older Machine

In 2018, Mr Clappinson decided to invest in a tractor for cultivating and potato bed forming. After evaluating both new and older tractor options and finding the cost of a new, guidance-equipped tractor to be prohibitively expensive, he decided to purchase a 2010 Case 485 STX Quadtrac that he could then outfit with new guidance technology.