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Trimble GFX-1060 Display

In stock


The GFX-1060™ display is Trimble’s latest 10-inch (25.6 cm) Android™-based display for controlling and executing operations using the Precision-IQ™ platform. The GFX-1060 is engineered to combine performance, reliability, flexibility and more – all while remaining easy to use for operators of any experience level.

  • 10-inch (25.6 cm) high-definition, color touchscreen display

  • Android-based operating system

  • Precision-IQ firmware

  • 32 GB storage, 4 GB RAM

  • Optional ISOBUS task controller and universal terminal

  • Control up to 4 input channels and 48 sections

  • Connection for two USBs, 1 BRR port, 3 CAN ports and support for 2 external cameras, plus Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity

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