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Trimble Autopilot Motor Drive System

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Electric, hands-free, automated steering system with easy installation onto steering column, delivers highly-accurate, Autopilot-level steering. Trimble® Autopilot™ Motor Drive, controls tractors and harvesting machines without hydraulic components up to RTK accuracy. No matter your vehicle type or brand, the Trimble Autopilot Motor Drive system can be quickly installed from one vehicle to another and steers your vehicle on line for maximum precision.

  • Sub-inch accuracy inertias from the NavController III

  • Slow speed and reverse operation

  • Eliminates the requirement for an AutoSenseTM or a steering angle sensor

  • Autopilot performance without the requirement for hose installation or the need for special tools

  • Simple installation similar to the EZ-Pilot system

  • Easy to transfer between vehicles

  • Available for a large, expanding range of vehicles

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