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DICKEY-john Radar II Ground Speed Sensor

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Accurate and powerful ground speed sensor.

Measuring ground speed has never been easier than with DICKEY-john high-performance ground speed sensors. Accurate speed sensing enables you to achieve top performance from your electronic monitoring and controlling products.

An incorrect speed signal can potentially provide substantial errors in speed and distance measurement, chemical and fertilizer application and yield calculations. All of that can lead to expensive mis-applications, crop damage, reduced yields.

The DICKEY-john Radar II delivers the truest velocity measurement at mounting heights over 96 inches (243.8 cm).

The true ground speed sensors calculate speed independently of wheel motion using a microwave (radar) signal and the principle of Doppler shift (measuring the changes in the frequency of the reflected signal). Because they don’t use the movement of a wheel or drive shaft, errors in signal due to wheel slippage or wheel distortion from varying loads and ground conditions are eliminated.

The DICKEY-john radars may also be used to improve the performance of other monitors and control systems that require a speed sensor signal.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Views ground surface for accurate ground speed detection

  • Velocity errors of less than or equal to 1% from .3 - 44 mph (.53-70.8 km/h) after field calibration

  • High-impact, chemical and weather weather-resistant housing

  • Easy to install

  • Mounts to view forward or backward from the vehicle

  • Radar II mounting heights 18 - 96 inches (45.7 - 243.8 cm)

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