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Precision Agriculture Training

Driver Refresher Training With SymAgri

As a team, we take the fast-moving world of precision agriculture very seriously. Given the nature of this subject, we are also aware of the need for education. That’s why we would like to offer some refresher training sessions for all abilities.
These sessions are short and will consist of a general precision farming discussion, covering topics that are universal to all our brands, before breaking out into brand-specific sessions.
All these sessions are being kept small and relatively short to enable participants to get the maximum benefit from attending. They are designed for any operator, new or experienced and will cover guidance and operating machines together, but are not regarded as a full driver training course. 
The groups are small so early confirmation of attendance is recommended.

More dates will be added depending on demand, but may not be at the same location as requested. There is a small fee of £30 per person per session to cover the costs.
Given the current Covid-19 situation we reserve the right to cancel at short notice. 
If you have any questions or would like to book your place, please email us at

New dates will be announced shortly.

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