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When we started SymAgri we had a clear goal and that was to provide the best support possible to our customers. It’s with this in mind we welcome the addition of Graham Hubbard who is joining Sam Mead as our primary GPS Support Engineers.

Graham Hubbard, Technologies Specialist joins the SymAgri team

Gavin Ludkin, Technologies Manager explained “when combining Graham and Sam with Andy Bell and myself, this ever growing team at SymAgri are here to provide the first class service expected within agriculture today. Whilst new to the market place we now have a very experienced and knowledgeable team.

Here at SymAgri we are taking a fresh look at all aspects of precision agriculture, so keep a look out for some of the great things we have coming up. But bringing us to today, we have to face some challenges such as commodity prices and supply affecting every industry and all of our day to day lives. However, two things I am mindful of currently are the rise in stolen GPS kits and planning. Both of these subjects need careful thought as the consequences may mean downtime for our customers.

With the introduction of security kits from SymAgri we hope to help with the cases of GPS theft. With a greater emphasis on planning any investment, don’t delay and speak to us today if a precision farming investment is something you are thinking about”.

Contact us if you need any GPS support on 07480 540051 or via our contact form.


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