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Winter GPS Service

We offer a full service on your farm’s GPS equipment, during the quieter winter months, so you are all set for the spring.

What is included in the Winter Service check?  

Our engineers will complete a thorough inspection of your farm’s GPS equipment including:


  • Backup of your data (with your permission)

  • Full GPS system check

  • Wiring check

  • Receiver strength check

  • Unit updates

  • Re-calibration

£140 +VAT per unit with a multi-unit discount available.

For more information or to book your Winter Service, please contact us.

Winter GPS Service

“As a company that was one of the first to offer this service to farmers in the UK, we have learnt that completing the Winter Service has reduced the number of support calls through the year and allowed our customers to get straight to work when it is needed.

Backing up the data has added the security factor so that if anything was to be broken or stolen, we would be able to load that customer’s data back up onto another screen.

As part of the Winter Service, any faults found on the system are repaired and broken components are replaced*.”






Andy Bell, Technologies Specialist at SymAgri

* Cost of replacement parts is not included in the Winter Service price.

Winter Service FAQ


Q. Would I need to do it every year?

A. Not necessarily, but it would be recommended to keep up with the latest software, reducing software bugs and helping to make sure your GPS is performing at a high level.


Q. Is my data used by anyone else?

A. Data is securely stored on our servers and is not accessible to anyone outside of SymAgri’s Technology department.

Trecision Technologies Specialist Andy
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